Veg Vs Non Veg: Why can’t I eat whatever food I like?


See it’s not about your like and dislike. The choice of food you eat depends upon the kind of body you want to have. If you aspire to grow your body like a bull then you have to consume a certain type of foods. If you want a body that supports high level of intelligence, alertness, awareness and agility other types of food must be consumed.

When the question is just of basic survival eat whatever you want. But once survival is taken care of then their should be a choice about what to eat. It is very important that this choice is conscious- not simply led by the compulsions of the tongue and mind, but by the essential design of our body. If you listen to your body it will clearly tell you what kind of food it is happy with.

The human body is designed to eat vegetarian food. For detail information click here.

Experience and See

Try different foods and see how your body feels after eating the food. If it feels very agile, energetic and nice that means the body is happy. If it feels lethargic and need to be pumped up with caffeine and nicotine to stay awake the body is not happy. Whether you want to conduct your business effectively or study well or do any activity properly it is extremely important that your body is at ease. So you should eat the kind of food your body is with ease and doesn’t struggle to get nourishment from.

Why Veg

When you eat food you are taking another life – either plant or animal and making it your life. If I eat a mango then mango becomes a part of me. If a cow eats a mango the same mango becomes a cow. This is happening because there is a certain information or in modern terminology- a software in you that transforms what you eat into a man or a woman.

The idea is to eat that kind of life which is very simple software. Then your ability to override that software and make it entirely a part of you is very good. As that software get more complex your ability to integrate it goes down. Especially if it is a creature that has some sense of thought and emotion it will not integrate and that animal nature will start manifesting itself in you. If it is not so then what’s the problem in eating the most evolved species on the planet that is human.

Every Life is Sensitivity

Today there are substantial document to show that plants are as sensitive as any other creatures so whether you eat a plant or an animal or whatever it is still violence. Only thing is that you don’t hear the scream but there to scream. So everything is cruel, it is just that we must do it with some sensibility only to the extent it is necessary.

There is no need to carry a tags such I am a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, a vegan or something like that.You just have to be human and be life sensitive that’s it. You must have a sense of gratitude the someone is giving up their life to nourish your life. We have every right to nourish this life but we have no right to enjoy taking another life.

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  1. It’s really nice vikas yadav and i think the most important part of this content which u have said is the There is no need to carry a tags such I am a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, a vegan or something like that nd this is absolutely right there shoud not be any categories..Yes we all Eat.. u have discussed it so well nd i loved it..